Adverse Possession of a Property

Has anyone ever taken “adverse possession” of a property? Particularly in TX, but other places as well? If so, what did you do & how long did it take?

I found a vacant property where the owner died, left no will & has no heirs, & owes property taxes.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

It will be quicker to wait for the tax authorities to seize the property or find the heirs and make an offer. Adverse possession is a long process with subtleties that vary from state to state.

Agreed. Much better to get it through the tax process than trying adverse possession. State laws vary, but generally it takes from 7 to 20 years or so to gain possession and you have to physically take possession of that property for that period of time. Hard to do with vacant land unless you plan on living in a tent for 20 years!


Agreed, it is a long process in most states. Not worth the wait. Can you buy it through probate?

I concure. Not worth the wait, find out if you can buy through probate.

Unintended - sorry for the rhyme.