Advantages of Making an All Cash Offer

I have heard some mention that making an all cash offer…and closing in a very short period of time…many times entices a seller to accept a steeply discounted sales price.

I’m wondering what some people have actually experienced going this actual route.

My concern would be to then refinance as soon as possible…so that the money outlayed could be recouped asap.

Do some people actually close in short time frames like 48 hours?

If so…what do you do to make sure that the title is free and clear?

And how do you ensure that the property will qualify for being financed.

In other words…I’m looking to know whether all cash offers provide a means for obtaining property at steep discounts…and if so, what techniques you use…and pitfalls you avoid, when going this route.

Thanks for your consideration.


I’m looking at an all cash deal now. The kitchen and bath are gutted so it’d never get financing. I think how you do it depends on your exit strategy. If you are going to flip, then you just wait until you sell to get your money out. If you are going to use it as a rental, then you refi once you have enough work done to get the refi approved.

Cash deals are appealing to the seller because there’s no chance of it falling apart because of financing problems. They also get the money now, not in a month. It’s advantage in getting a lower price partially depends on how quickly the seller needs out.

Thanks for the reply Marcus…

Hope your deal works out.

What about protecting…as to whether the title is free and clear.


You offer someone cash…but it’s 20% less than what they’re listing at…but you state that they’ll have money in 48 hours.

Any thoughts?


You do a title search like you should on any real estate transaction. I think if you get a good relationship with a title company then you’ll get your searches done faster than the average person. It’s just like everything. It comes down to what connections you have and how well they like you.

If you make an offer, make it subject to your title search, inspection, and whatever other out clause you want to give yourself.

There are also online services that can do a title search. I’ve never used one though, so I’m not sure which ones are good or bad.

Thanks for the title company info…I was thinking that was probably the way to go…(having a rapport with them).

Sounds like timeline on an all cash deal would be more like a week or 10 days.

I do have more questions about refinancing…so as to recoup funds outlayed. Any general thoughts on this? I’d hate to outlay cash then have it hung up for months on end. My strategy is more buy and hold.


Without a doubt, in my experience, cash offers and quick closings move you to the top of the offer list.

I’m not talking rediculous, insulting offers like 70% of asking price. I’m talking reasonable discounted offers.

It takes an average 5 to six weeks to close a financed property around here (4 if you’re good)and there is a lot of anxiety at several points during the process. That’s why cash talks.

And if i make a cash offer I don’t bother the seller about repairs or condition. I just calculate that into my offer.

Now I don’t always have cash green money to close these properties. I have a network of private lenders and my own credit lines. Then I ultimately refi. …But it’s cash as far as the buyer is concerned.