Adivce for web tracking software???

I was wondering if anyone knows of a web based site that provides software for tracking real estate along with handling all leads ie. cold calling, property profiles and so forth.

Yep… Spent a ton of money building it…

This lead tracking software is FREE…

Is there any software out there that will track the amount of web pages I visit at home on my computer in other words tracking not the amount of time I am on the net but instead the amount of sites and web pages I visi

You can develop your own CRM system quite easily. They have Blackberry and iPhone apps too, so you can do it on your phone.

Why not just use Statcounter and an excel spread sheet??

Otherwise, I don’t see the need for expensive tracking programs like top producer

Although, if Micheal thinks he has something that is better I would be willing to give a professional free product review :slight_smile:

a little more detail would help


Thanks, not bad. Free is good!