additional liens on properties

when title search came back, there was an additional lien on property for a c/h air unit through the local power company. when i spoke to potential seller about it he said he pays for it on his power bill. Its about $2500.00 and a good upgrade to the property. Due any of you ever run into this situation and what are some of the issues you run into. I could pay this lien off and take control of the property, but it will take most of any down payment I might get. Any feedback would be helpful.

See how much the power company would take
if you could offer them a nice chunk of cash to pay
the lien off.
Of course, this would be at a discount.
See if your seller has, say, $500-$1,000 lying around
somewhere…better from his pocket, than yours.

hey thanks. Jason…

i sent you a message, could I speak with you offline.