adding central air

What is a broad range that you could expect to pay to have central air and heat put in a 3br/2ba 1400sf house?

It all depends on what you have to work with. Is there currently forced air heat? With all of the duct work in place? If so, you really shouldnt pay anymore than $3500 to $4000 for a combo AC/Heat unit (this doesnt include removing an old heat pak, that i am unsure of). Now if you had to have all of the Duct work and Vents installed aswell, your easily looking at a $10,000 to $16,000 dollar expense.

These numbers are based just on recent research i have done, so i still recommend calling the local AC guy and get a tradesmans estimate. But i should have gotten you into a ballpark. Hope this helps.

thanks…wow that’s alot. I haven’t even seen the inside yet…only saw window a/c units from the outside. I am having a showing scheduled for this week so I’ll see what’s in place now.

we just had installed a 2 ton unit to a 1200 sq ft house and it cost approx $3500 that included all new duct work and everything.