Adding a pool?

Hello I in Florida and wanted to know if having a pool put in would increase the value more then the cost of the house and the cost of the pool?

Let’s say I find a nice house for $200K and then spend $25K on a screened in pool. Would I be able to sell the house for $250K?

Well, I’m not in FL and don’t know how common pools are in your area (as in, is it more common to have one than not), but generally speaking, no a pool does not add value to a property.

In fact, in essense, it decreases value because it limits your buyer pool (no pun intended).

While someone that wants a pool in the backyard will still look at houses without them (as long as the land permits a pool), someone NOT wanting a swimming pool will NOT look at a house with one.

Just my thoughts,


Howdy Jrockfl:

Do not add a pool. If it has a broken one fix it up to $5K. Otherwise fill it in. We just went thru this and now have a nice planter.

Ok cool! Thanks for the posts

Adding a pool definitely does NOT add value. Out here, you could spend 30-50k on a pool and you MIGHT get a 5k bump in price for it. However, as previously mentioned, it does not make a house sell. On that note, if you are looking to get a pool, you would probably be better off just buying a new house with a pool already in place.


Many buyer,s with children don,t like pool,s. because
of all the accidental drowning. That occur all the time
in Fl. your better off without one.

I hate pools, I cringed everytime I see one. In some areas they can actually make your property value go down! I have seen comparable homes without pools sell for more than homes with them. So take that into consideration.

 Just to repeat what others have said,  I just sold a home in August that had a pool.  I purchased it as a primary residence and lived in it for more than ten years.  I liked the pool, 20x40 inground, and that is why I brought it.

  But, we had people come in and turn around and walk right out at the open house as soon as they saw the pool.  Others were concerned about expenses for chemicals, electricity, water, etc, etc, etc.  Finally had a buyer who liked the pool and that was part of their motivation to buy.  All in all the pool was not an asset and I could have sold the home many times over but for the pool!!!