ad in the paper

I putting an ad in the new paper, for 50$ "we buy house with cash, call ------------ " let me know if it is a good ad, and what i will do ones i getting phone calls.

the ad will work, but you need to have some idea as to what to do with the leads as they come in. investing in a good wholesaling or real estate flipping course for a complete step by step system

Ads are great, just be ready for the responses.

make sure you have a seller questionaire form to ask the leads the question you need to ask in order to determine whether you are dealing with a prospect or suspect.

Don’t waste leads because you have not the proper training! Yu should absolutely have a game plan when the phone rings so don’t frustrate or embarass yourself by not kow what to do when sellers call. Get your training first. Role play, (your mentor and you playing buyer and seller) is a great exercise and will better prepare you for calls; AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED PROPERLY! Good Luck and let me know if I can help you further.

Hello and good to say hello

Here is an ad that produced well for me…

As for what to ask the seller…

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