Ad for Website

A guy tried to advertise for a website that prespective tenants can go to to search for your apartments. Of course he got his ad yanked.

In the spirit of this site let me tell you what to look for with these types of companies. The website needs to be functioning and easy to use. He needs to have a huge marketing program. You need to ask him why would Joe Sixpack who needs an apartment in Houston or Phoenix, or Jersey City (yourtown) ever go to his website. You can’t just have a pretty or even well functioning website for these types of purposes. He has to advertise to drive traffic to his website. This advertisement has to be in whatever city your apartment is in. The advertisement has to be effective for the people interested in the pricepoint of your apartment. You need to see his ads everywhere you look. Or at least wherever the people you target as tenants look. The website is the easy part. They almost always miss the marketing part.

These websites ares not as effective as a small 3 line ad in your local paper.

It was ads (plural)…and they all got yanked. But the crux of your post is correct…a lot of folks that are looking for apartments don’t own a computer and look in the paper for a new place, not on-line…


Craigslist is free, gets a ton of traffic, and let’s you post 4 pictures. In Austin, I think it’s having a huge impact on newspaper advertising, but I don’t have any data on it.