acustic ceilings

I am considering a first time rehab. The house was built in 1976 and has an acoustic ceiling. I read that these ceilings could contain asbestos. Does anyone know how much it costs to remove this ceiling professionally (per square foot) and is it worth it? Also, would it be a good idea to make an offer contingent on the ceiling being negative on an asbestos inspection.
Thanks much.

not really necessary to make it a contigency up front. have the place inspected and see what your inspector says. If needed, have some the tiles inspected/tested and then if it comes back positive then go to the seller and demand consessions or walk away from the deal.

Howdy Wannabe2:

I believe you are talking about the asbestos in the sheetrock mud and the acoustic texture that is sprayed on ceilings as a decoration. This is not as big a deal in houses as it is in apartment buildings. Most of the time just a good paint job over the stuff will fix the problem. The pain will stick to the stuff and keep it from the air. If you need to repair the ceiling it is suggested to hire a professional to deal with the cutting and debris. I personally have never gone to that extreme and will probably die in 70 or 80 more years. If I did it every day all day I would take every precaution know to man. Wearing a mask when dealing with any mess is certainly suggested.