Act! Premium for Real Estate 2006???

Has anyone used or heard of this product, Act! Premium for Real Estate 2006? Any other recommendations to help keep track of my REI dealings, contacts, etc.

Thanks guys!!!


I have it. I mainly now use it to import files and generate the labels more so than track contacts. It is geared towards agents not investors, so you will not be able to take advantage of the real estate stuff other than the extra property tab. Maybe some reports, but not sure it would justify the price.

You can download a 30 days trial version of it.

Thanks fadiz… It sure sounded like something all investors should have, but I guess not…

Any other recommendation out there guys???

I need something to keep track of everything, bad!!!


Well, when you say everything, what are you looking for exactly?

Well I have advertised pretty hard and I have gotten in alot of leads in for my investors/buyers list that I’m creating. I would like to seperate the investors either by State they want to invest in, amount of money they have to invest, type of investing they are most interested in, etc.
My retail buyers I want to seperate by what state their needing housing in, maybe amount of down payment, etc.
I would like to seperate my leads from sellers by either state their selling in, by rehabs, amount of equity, etc.

I’m up for suggestions because just in the last two weeks I have gotten about 24 leads from sellers
15 leads from investors looking for assignments, rehabs, rentals.
6 leads from buyers looking for homes in certain areas. I won’t be able to keep up with all of it when I start getting more leads than I’ve gotten here lately. I need some kind of program to help me seperate it all and keep track of it.


I don’t see anything here that can’t be achieved with Outlook. You simply set up a category for each type of person (investor, buyer, lender, wholesaler, whatever). You can use multiple categories, too, such as investor and retailer, investor and wholesaler, etc.