Just found out today that instead of .25 cents per search as has been the norm they now want to charge $75/month for unlimited .25 cent searches. I only do about 40 searches/month so it is not cost effective. They are obviously pandering to the heavy users. It is a decent search engine better than what you find for free but not that good. Depending on your purposes of course. I mean one big deal would pay for yrs. My exp. has been that it’s not worth it at $75/month. Because even when I find them, there’s usually no deal.

So cheaper is much better when searching for rei. We have such a low closing ratio. I think that Accurint will lose so much business they will change their pricing structure, cause their service isn’t all that great. It was cheap so why look at anything else? Now that it’s not cheap I will. And let y’all know.

I will research other powerful people searches and let you know the best deal available. There are plenty of other search engines. Try which is very comprehensive and free but older info. which is cheap and updated every 24 hrs. so they say. I use that alot. which is updated less frequently. And which is the least updated but tells you if the ph number is a cell or land line. I use that to find if they ever had a phone.

If anyone wants info on how to search for people… For free. I love finding lost people. And I’m happy to share my secrets for free.



For quck searching, I just use They have some free tools, like “Reverse Phone” and stuff to find people in case you only have partial info on them.

how much info on a person does this site give?

currently i use a combo of zabasearch, intellius, whitepages, tax records, and anywho.

i’ve also used findtheseller but that costs $25


I just found this site today, I don’t know how I missed it, I was just talking on the phone to accurint today. The price did seem sort of high, but the sales man acted like they had the best data.

I will try the 555 info for a month and see how that works.

I have thousands and thousands of leads from a screen scraper I wrote that pulls people that are behind on their property taxes. But I’m having a heck of a time finding them, their heirs and phone numbers. Accurint seemed like a lifesend but I would really like to a few sample searches before I commit.

EquityHunter if you are still interested in giving search tips, I’m listening.

One trick I have learned is using the free databases available at the local library. The one I use for Obituaries is called America’s Newspapers, I’ve looked up heirs for people that have died 12 years ago for free. I paid findtheowner 25.00 for an old obituary before I knew about this–

EquityHunter doesn’t live here anymore…


anybody have any info they’d like to add to this post? i have no used accurint, but i have used i was somewhat pleased with but i felt i had most of the info already.

i’m currently trying to find some more info on a homeowner from a vacant house.

anyone have any feedback on … or some other sites which are inexpensive but give a good amount of reliable data?


I used, i did get some good data, numbers and address I couldn’t find anywhere else. The few that I found on there did result in a deal that I am going to make 10k flipping, the data is up to date and good. I didn’t get good info on find the seller. I mean it was accurate info but I now know how to get the same info for free.

If you have any properties that are in the “estate of” such and such go here

then go to your local library to get to that issue eletronically for free. My local library lets us access the data(america’s newspapers database) from home with a library card.