Accurate Online Comps/ Valuation

Hi,I’m a beginner investor(no deals yet), and I want to find a free online site where I can get good accurate Comps/ Valuation on properties,w/o having to give my personal contact info.I’m in financial hardship right now,so I can’t use a subscriber site. I’ve tried several sites but they seem to be either for homeowners getting info.on their homes,or the site ask you for contact info. so a Realtor can contact you. I’m just trying to find a free investor- friendly site where I can submit the stats. on the property and get accurate valuation info. Can anyone advise me? :help

unfortunately you used the wording “accurate valuation info”, and I don’t think there are any free services online that will give you information I would trust.

Do you know a real estate agent or mortgage broker, either one can pull the comps for you (or anyone with MLS access)

Thanks ANDYDALLAS, I will try that.