Accounting Software

Just curious what if any accounting software everyone uses. I have used Quickbook Pro in the past and it looks like Quickbooks now has a version called Simple Start that just does the basics like check writing and tracking expenses.

Are there any reasonably priced programs that are geared towards real estate?

I use Quickbooks for my REI LLC primarily because I used it for several years in a previous business I was partnered in and knew my way around it pretty well.

However, for reasonably priced, you might want to look into GNUCash. It’s an open source program that is reputed to be professional quality and featured, if not specifically tailored to REI.

Price is FREE.


Thanks. I took a look at it and I think I will download it and try it out… kick the tires a lilltle.

If you google “open source accounting” you will find a number of open source (free) accounting packages. GNUCash is the one I’ve read the best reviews on but one of the others might also fit your needs.

I’ve been thinking of switching over to GNUCash myself since I run Linux only and must use my wife’s computer for Quickbooks.