Access to 30,60 day lates

I am just wondering how many investors even have access to list in their comunity of people that are late on the mortgage payments? Im not talking going to the court house, and seeing if the foreclosure process is about to start. Im talking about finding out when they miss just their first payment 30 day late, or second payment.

Better yet if you had access to this type of list for your town, and you could use software to cross referance it with the local MLS to see if these same people that are late are trying to sell their house. I bet you could get some killer flips out of that, and get to them way before they enter foreclosure.

If you have access to these types of list or this type of software please respond, I would also be interested to know what the cost on something like this would run, seems like insider information that knowbody else would have…thats what makes the really good deals.

title companies have the ability to do searches for people that are late however dont think there is a system to cross with mls yet but that would be pretty sweet

Do you think Im wasting my time trying to find something like this? It seems like it would
be pretty sweet to me.

I think you will find this information is confidential. I would agree that if you can get the information it would be very valuable. You would be well ahead of the competition. I get a list of pre-foreclosures who I send direct mail to but these are 90+ day late owners.

Not sure title companies give such information. At least in Texas, title companies cannot give us any information.

I don’t see the value in cross referencing it with MLS, I think it is good as is. I know of a company that charges $0.35/lead with min order of 5000 leads.

I know a company that can provide you these leads at $0.45 per lead with a minimum of 1000 leads. Drop me a note and I can give you their website.

This is a scam. If someone is only 30 to 60 days late and not publicly filed as a notice of default by the mortgage lender then the information is CONFIDENTIAL. If they are just late 30-60 days (in California) it’s between them and the lender, not public knowledge.

These leads are either total garbage or illegal. Run.

Very correct, this is not public knowledge. This information is sold by the credit agencies to list brokers and under very specific guidelines. Evidently there are more than one list broker that sells them. That’s fine if you think it’s a SCAM, but I’d do a little research before you just thow it out as a SCAM.

here is the info required to send to the 30 60 90s


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sorry, it just sounded like a scam to me…I’ve never heard of getting leads after only one late payment. I would be interested though if it is true.

Scammmmm maybe… just the rules…

Which is why I believe in marketing to the five prospect groups exclussively…

That way no one is left behind…

Michael Quarles

I think marketing to them could be a bunch of hoops to jump through, and if you dont have a licence number forget it. What if you could get the list and you could tell who was behind then cross reference the list to see which ones of these people are behind.

There wouldnt be any legalities behind making offers on houses that you happened to have inside information on.

Im thinking this has legs but I could be wrong.