Accent wall

I’ve got a house with pale cream interior paint that is in good condition, so I am not going to repaint it.

However, there is one wall that needs repainting and rather than to try and match the point, I am going to paint it a different color as an accept wall.

Since I didn’t pick colors to go together, I am at a bit of a loss as to what to use for the accent color.

What color would you guys use to compliment a pale cream room? Ceiling, beams, and all trim is natural oak, stained a fruitwood color. It’s not yellow colored oak. I’m not going to paint the trim. I can’t see making the effort to make expensive oak look just like OSB.

Our new house has chocolate brown accent walls…I’m not really hot on them but my wife (she’s into the whole decorating thing and is VERY good at it) tells me that it is one of the new hot trends…


Another good accent color on a beige is green. Not a Kelly green, but more olive. I’ve also seen walls that are treated with a glaze that work well. Most earth tones work well with beige, but I would stay away from yellows. They are just too close for an accent.


My living room is painted in a light creamy color, I forget, but I think they called it linen or something.

We painted the wall behind the main couch a greenish color. It’s a real smooth, calming green, not a dark one. Brown is good contrast too.

We bought the house with the brown. WE probably would have gone with “sage green”…it’s my wife’s favorite, actually. That’s probably the ‘calming green’ that stevie-o is speaking of.


Point on accent walls…make sure that it actually “accents” something.

For example, opposite the main doorway into the room, framing the fireplace, etc.