Absolutley $0 cost foreclosure list form the BANKS

while doing some research I found this site and I am blown away, because what I found go to http://www.biggerpockets.com/bank-reo.html and you to will be amazed

Not a bad site for REO centers. However, I did a search through them and everything listed there is listed on the MLS.

Be easier to just have an agent send you a list of foreclosures in your area.


why wait until they get to you when you could already have the listing? ::slight_smile:

I’m with Raj. I’ve got an agent that has an automated email that sends me the info as soon as an REO, HUD, or short sale property shows up on MLS.


they rarely show up on the bank’s website until they are listed with an agent because the lender does not mess with the actual selling of the property. That’s why they list it, now. No more direct contact with the bank people.

It took me over thirty minutes to look through about half of the sites listed on your link. Looking at each site, having to re-search for every county that I’m interested in, in most cases, nothing there.

As howste, said, a Realtor can set you up on automated email and you’ll get every foreclosure that comes on the MLS the minute that it does and all you have to do is open your email.


Is there a difference in the words ‘agent’ and ‘realtor’ in these statements?

And does it cost anything to get setup to recieve these emails?

<<Is there a difference in the words ‘agent’ and ‘realtor’ in these statements?>>

No, they are being used interchangeably here…the difference is that a Realtor® belongs to the National Association of Realtors and an agent does not necessarily belong. All Realtors are agents but not all agents are Realtors.

<<And does it cost anything to get setup to recieve these emails?>>

Not usually…get with a good agent. They will do it for free because it is cheap, easy advertising for them and for properties…AND, you get to set what parameters to use.


Just to add to Keith’s great response.

A Realtor is the only agent that has access to the MLS. A “regular” agent does not have access to the MLS.