Absolute recommended books

Here goes the first post of a newbie investor:
As i m learning the fundamentals of RE investing, i d like to hear from you, experienced investors, which were the books you read, that most helped you in your career?

P.S.: Right now, i m reading Gary Keller´s " The Millionaire RE Investor" and i believe that´s a superb book.

Welcome to REI Club and the world of rei. The book you are reading is the one book I always recommend. However, reading the posts here at this site and the free info available as well as the priviledge of asking questions of the experienced investors here is the most valuable tool you will find. The guys here are knowledgeable and are willing to help.

Hi, Rhm

Thanks for your feed-back.
I promise that i ll try in the future to take advantage of the knowledge of all you guys in this spectacular forums, by putting some of my doubts to discussion.

By the way, and lest I be taken to task, I must recommend, sight unseen, mind you, REO’s book.

REO’S book is awesome, it’s a must read. The best 28.00 bucks you’ll spend. The book is cheap but the info is priceless!!!

Check it out www.mentortolunch.com

Good luck,