Absentee Owners

I have a list of absentee owners and I would like to know if anyone has any successful tips on direct mail campaigns. Do you think letters or postcards are better?

Thanks in advance


Just pick one - post card or letter and send them out. Then, next time send the other one. Marketing takes testing. Plus people generally need to hear from you 5-6 times before they know who you are. Just get started. Do something everyday without fail. Make offers - get deals!


P.S. Yes I know I am repeating myself :biggrin

I moderate a group where the membership nees to be approved by the owner. In the past people want to join but the owners haven’t responded. I have e-mailed them but have received no response. I would like the group to continue but it looks like the owners have gotten board or something else may have happened…!Thanks

Well, if you are trying to save on cost. You can send out a postcard first, just in case the address of the homeowner has change. If it did change sometimne you will get a forward address back. That would be 0.27 vs 0.42 that I how I determine which of my marketing go out first. I know I’m Mr. Cheap :biggrin