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I’m a newbie investor starting to get involved in wholesaling properties. I have started building a buyer’s list and now want to begin mailing letters out to absentee owners in parts of New Jersey. I have called some tax assessor’s offices and everyone I speak to doesn’t know what I mean by obtaining absentee owner’s lists. If they have heard of it, they brush me off and say something like “Oh…that’s gotta be illegal or something”. I had the same problem with finding out section 8 property owners…people were telling me that it had to be illegal. I am looking for any information that will help me obtain these absentee owner’s lists. I know they are not for free, and I also know there are some websites that can give you this information. But before I start spending money on websites, I want to know if they are giving me up to date and accurate information. Any information will help. Thanks.

The most accurate source for absentee owner lists (in TX at least) is
The program most Realtors use to access county tax records.

When I built my list of absentee owners, (1,200names) it took all of 5 minutes.

In the program we use, (tempo) there’s an advanced search option that allows me to pull ALL properties in austin with out of state owners. The response rate (hand written letters asking: would you consider selling you property? 2 BUSINESS CARDS!!! not one. not 3. 2!!) will be tremendous if you…
-Handwrite the letters
-include 2 business cards
-include a 1-800 # if you can. I wouldn’t recommend spending countless hours writing and stuffing letters without a 1-800#.

This method is free and is the easiest, most accurate way to obtain a list. All you need to do is look up a directory of local realtors (realtor.com for ex.) and call realtors until you talk to one you like on a PERSONAL level…and he’s gotta know his s*** too of course. Lastly, your realtor must either be an ivestor or work with investors on a regular basis. I know realtors who think ‘flipping properties’ means buying and selling a year later.

Oh, and the people you spoke to are idiots. It is NOT illegal. This is public information and we as citizens DO have access to this information (via county tax records). I’m just trying to save you some serious time by utilizing a free service,…you’ll want to team up with a good investment Realtor anyway.
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In Florida I have to purchase the list from some tax office. After 20 minutes of a phone roundabout I finally found out how to obtain the info, I have to purchase a CD from this office. Whip out the blue pages in the phone book and start calling places like public records office, etc. till you find where you need to go. They will tell you where to get the info IF they do not sell it directly to you. Good Luck!


Wow, there’s no county tax appraisal web page there??

no there is but you can’t search using specific criteria, just go through street by street and compare addresses to see if its principal residence. The list I get on CD will enable to search specific criterias and import the results into access, excel or something similar.

where in fl are you? im in fl too. and jersey girl… hows the market up there??

www.melissadata.com is cool
they sell absentee owner lists, pretty cheap.
they got every kind a list you could imagine,