Absentee Owners List

How do I locate info on absentee owners without purchasing the list ? My marketing budget is very small and I can’t afford the list right now. But I do want to market to absentee owners…is there a less expensive way to locate their info ?

One of my bird dogs is a hacker (not the description he wud use) but somehow he tapped into the city tax records and sent me a list of over 12,000 absentee owners. I have done a few deals off this list and am working on more and got a stack of cold and warm leads. But if u cant afford to buy a list, maybe u cant afford this marketing method, mailing to absentee owners is seriously expensive. I’ve spend over 4K in the last 6 months mailing to these people. U may want to start off with bandit signs and door hangers and recruit some bird dogs

Define the criteria of the data you are looking for, then go to your courthouse and ask them for the list. Call first to see which department to go to. That is what I did when I started. I paid a small amount.

While you are at the courthouse you can pull probate leads, this costs no money but your time.

Purchasing the list could be done quite cheaply… the expensive part is the printing and mailing as Randoskie stated… As soon as you can, invest some money into the business in the form of marketing… that’s if you want to succeed… sometimes it could take much more than a couple hundred letters to pull one off… good luck!