absentee owners in WI

anyone here from WI been able to find a way to find all absontee owners or atleast certain counties i have tried calling a couple of the county court houses and tax assesors office and even title companies everyone says there is no way to search absentee owners in this state because of how the taxes or mortgages are recorded???

Here are some ideas tha may help locate the absentee owners.

  1. Go to neighborhood where the property is located. Start with the neighbors next door to the property and directly accross the street to see if they can tell you anything. Could use bird dogs to do this task for you if you use them. If this doen’t work, expand the search out and stop at every house on the block until you find that one neighbor that knows everything that goes on and is willing to tell you what they know. You know the type, its the neighborhood gossip or busy body neighbor that every neighborhood has.

You may consider offering a small reward, maybe $250 to $500 for the person that gives you the lead that actually helps you find the person. (Could be paid if you close on the house)

  1. If the owner recently vacated the property, and you can gain access to the property, then go through the trash, (pays to take rubber glovers with you if you do this because this could get nasty) and look for anything left in the house that may have a phone number, name, address, DL number, ss number, e-mail letters or anything that may give you a clue.

  2. Send a letter to the last know address of the owner and ask the post office for an address correction. So, you might want to check with you local post office to see if there is any special forms you need to fill out or if you can just put address correction requested on the envelope. If the people do not live at that address, what this does is to return the letter you sent back to you with the last know address printed on a label. The only problem with this is that it takes time and may not produce any results.