About Trump University

I came across Trump University online RE courses. Someone from TU called me and we had a long boring conversation and asked if I’m really committed. I said yes. But I’m wondering if they are worth or not. I have a strong feeling that they will charge a lot of money for classes, a la Nouveau Riche.

Does anyone have an opinion of TU? According to what I read about Trump, I don’t think he will allow his name to be tarnished if he runs it like Nouveau Riche. Am I being naive?

Trump U has some books out there that are cheap enough. Trump will use his name to make money I’m sure. I have yet to run across a course that is worth a ton of money.Books are cheap, this forum is free, join a local REI club or landlord asoc… Look on ebay for the Carleton Sheets course. I got one for $40 stiil in the wrapper.

Unless the course is about high rises, shopping centers and casinos, and that is your field of intent.

I am not sure how much of Trump’s experience in flipping cheap repos would be useful to the average 3 house a year real estate investor


I ditto that and would like to add that they should be doing it where you are. Real estate is different from location to location. A good deal in New York city may not be in Moblie AL or Memphis TN.