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I can tell you about Private Money Lending as I am in a Certification Program for Certification for Private Money right now. Let me tell you in a nutshell about Private Money Funding for your real estate investment deals. I work with borrowers to originate, process, and close loans. I offer private loan options for real estate investment properties within most states adross the United States. I help to provide a no-hassle, asset-backed, real-time private capital to real estate investors. I can close loans quick and it is an easy process. Bad credit is OK, so if you have had a bank say “NO” , my company We-Say-Yes Funding, Inc says "Yes"I care enough about helping you get your deal funded because I never want anyone to have to lose an opportunity because they think that they will not be able to get the money. I am here to say, you can. Just contact me. 229-308-2203 Carolyn Stefanski

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