? about leads from realtors

will realtors work with a bird dog for leads to present to an investor ? the propertys that the realtors show are they under contract beforhand. who owns the propertys ? are the propertys own by the realtor or home owners when it’s being shown ?

Here is an idea… why not get your own license?

You might find a newbie realtor who is willing to do it, but what is in it for them? what do you have to offer them in exchange for their gas, time, and effort?

You can find leads through realtors. I wouldn’t expect as a birddog for the realtor to actively look for leads to send to you if you are not the buyer. I have a couple of realtors that do contact me with leads for property that show up on the mls. I go the next step and verify the values ie. ARV and inspect the property to estimate repairs. Often I will put it under contract after notifying my list of the property and assessing interest.

Most often the properties I work with are owned by someone other than the agent. However, if the agent is the actual owner they will tell you that upfront. The properties being shown by realtors are not normally under contract for sale. Realtors use listing agreements giving them the right to market the property and to get paid when it sells regardless of who actually sells the property.

It is not necessary to waste time and resources becoming a real estate agent in order to birddog or wholesale. Just keep reading the forums and every book, article, and join the free teleseminars to increase your knowledge of the industry. Some of the guru courses are outstanding but it helps if you know what you don’t know because they can be costly and you will definitely want to take more than one.