ABN-AMRO Notebuying

Does anybody have the contact number for notebuying at ABN-AMRO? Or does anybody have any creative ideas about how to get the phone number?

I have been working on a short sale for 4 months and could not agree on a sales price with Loss Mitigation. The file is going to forclosure review immediately.

I have tried to get the note buying phone number for hours, but have just been transferred around and been put on hold.

The homeowners are in dire straits. I would love to help them out and have my first deal work, too.

Thank you.

I used to use them on their wholesale side for mortgages. The # was 800.542.9512? You might try it and maybe they could refer you to whomever.

Good luck

Thank you Mark, for the lead. I’ll call them right now.


Good Luck! :fingersx:

Did you have any luck?