Abandoned Properties

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I’ve found numerous properties that have been boarded up & abandoned for a LONG time. I’m assuming these are most likely bank owned. No?? If thats the case, does anyone know what the general discount for these types of properties are? as in cents on the dollar? These are nice sized homes ranging from 1200- 4000 Sq ft with large lots as well.

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Too many variables, location, condition etc to give a smart answer. They could also be in bankruptcy or some other lawsuit pending like probate.

its a way you can get them for free…but not to many people know about it.

Wow, really?? Can you share the secret with me? :wink:

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Ill tell you for 1million bucks

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ADVERSE POSSESSION - A method, prescribed by statute, by which someone other than the title holder gains title to land.

Its in the constititution that An abandoned property can basically be taken over. Im still learning so I cant say to much… :-X :-X

Hmmm, hmmm hmmm :dance: Velly interesting lol

So do you know if that would apply across the states or only certain ones? I’m in Calif

It’s not as easy as it sounds. You have to occupy the property for a certain numbers of years(depends on your state). There are other issues too that I can’t remember but it’s more than just pitching a tent over the weekend :stuck_out_tongue:


I just moved my fence 18 FT. into my neighbors Yard.




I just moved my fence 18 FT. into my neighbors Yard.

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I just read up on it- sounds like you literally have to hop on their land and squat for 5 yrs lol I surely dont want to live in an abandoned house - darn it!! :banghead:

I was just thinking… Several states say you must pay the property taxes to claim adverse poss for a specified number of years. I know that there are properties that are abandoned & have back taxes owed. Numerous times in the past I’ve heard people talk about picking up property for just the cost of the back taxes & any cost of sales.

Any thoughts on that??

Also, is anyone familiar with these tax sales?
Thanks again!

i never said it was easy. i just know a little about it ad that its possible to get free real estate