Abandoned Properties and Unknown Owners

I have a list of 238 homes in just one area of my town that are listed as “unknown owner”, the legal ownership section identifies the last recorded ownership. What has been the best strategy for locating these people? Are there any techniques that allow for the legal claiming of these properties?

This sounds like something that would require spending a day in the court house/ city hall. I’ve not only never dealt with it but never heard of it. What will probably happen is you will some how put a claim on the property. The government will make a public notice, if no one else claims the properties in a certain time period, they will become yours. That is just my best guess. Keep this deal very quiet.

is that true? i thought in order for that to happen, something of ownership had to be uncontested on someone elses land for over 20yrs

You have to basically proclaim to the world that this is your property and use it as such for 10 years in ordre to claim adverse possession.