Abandoned Motel on old freeway 99 Wham Bam Slam Dunk

Holy Crap, I’ve been running my “I Buy Houses” ads on Craig’s list for a few years now and I got a few deals that way, but they are far and few in between.

And now it’s even worse cuz there are dozens of ads, and the mo fo’s copy my ads almost word for word. But every few days or at least once a week I go on Craig’s list and renew my ads, cuz, why not, it’s free.

I also place my ads in the nearby cities of Bakersfield, Hanford and Visalia. Well, trim my left nut. I got a call yesterday from a guy that’s got an 8 Plex in Bakersfield and wants 120K I looked it up on Zillow and Google maps and holy crap, the place used to be a motel on old 99, it’s actually 8 little houses on one lot. Long since vacant and vandalized with 16" high weeds, what a hell hole. Property is a short sale. Seller is a Realtor and he’s doing a double close.

We’ll, I sent it to my buyer in Visalia and told him the price was 140, He asks if I can do 135K?

Were doing the paperwork now. Frikin $15 frikin Grand for doing almost nothing.

I gotta go, gonna get the contracts out to be signed.

And this is another deal thru a Realtor that I’m selling to another Realtor, the insanity.

Let’s make the MONEY…


Man that’s awesome! ! Congratulations

Great deal man!