abandoned Home

I have just started out in Real Estate Investing and I ran across a property that was all boarded up. I am very interested in this property, It doesnt look trashed, just nmaybe abandoned for whatever reason. I went online and found out the taxes are paid current and up to date, however there is no contact info for the owner. How eould I go about finding this info out? This property is located in Perris, California.

Have you talked to the neighbors? that is the best place to start! Did the county records give you a name of the owner at all? Did you leave a note on the door? I always like the thought the harder the owner is to find the better the deal! it proves to be true in most cases Good luck and happy investing hope this helps

get the address and look it up on the tax accessor’s office

TO: AJ I did look it up and it shows that the taxes are current, but no contact info on the owners. Do I nees to go directly into the County Office? And How do I obtain the info once I am there. Dont I have to be someone important to recieve this info?

get the deed doc # and cross reference it with the recorders office the deed had to be recorded hope that helps

Tax information is public information and must be released upon request.