abandon property found; now what?

I’m new to the field of wholesaling and need some guidance. I recently found an abandoned home in my area. I went to the county public records website and found the property was sold 12 months ago for a fraction of its value. The new owner does not have current contact info.(address or ph.#). Plus, I believe the new owner may be a real estate investment co. (_ _ _ _ properties, LLC).
How can I locate the current owner? What search programs out there have been found to be very effective?
All input is highly needed and accepted. Thanks in advance.


Howdy Yaaman:

The LLC papers had to be filed with the Secretary of State to be valid and these are public records. You should be able to find the owner of the LLC. Some of these are a lot of leg work. You may be able to call and get the info.


Most states you can go online and there is a section where you just input the name of the LLC and can pull up the info. Use either the Secretary of State or the State Comptroller.