abandon houses

I found an abandon house in an excellent resale area. Nieghbors said the owners moved in had problems and never made first payment. I located the bank who is handling the account. I can’t seem to get past he clerk who answers the phone and all she can tell me is they only hand those ones off to become REO’s. So, I was thinking that I could get my Agent to get the listing from the bank (chase home financing) But the clerk said they only work with big RE companies. My agent works with Coldwell so no problem there. But, then she would not tell me who they work with or how RE companies can get on their list? I just think there is away around the clerk. And, a way my agents broker can get the listing. Also, the house has been abandoned since May 05. Does anyone have any insight on this or how I contact someone higher up than the phone clerk?

First, I would look on county auditor site to see owner of record. Bank or owner?

Second, I would follow the paper trail thru the court records to see where it is in the legal process. We have a legal newspaper with on-line records. You may have a tougher time.

Third, some banks have all their property go thru a Realtor, as you know. Have your Realtor set up a custom search for you that is only that street. That way, when it hits MLS, you will be the first to know.