A-Z info on birddogging?

I am new to real estate investments, and have a plan to start by being a bird dog, then transition into short sales. I am very well connected with hard money lenders, and investors, but havent really taken that step into this realm

Any ideas on what to do, what to purchase, etc…??

A bird dog doesn’t purchase anything (unless you need tires for the car or a notebook and some pencils)…

What you will really need is some investors to bird dog for and the information as to what, specifically they are looking for in the way of properties.


Like Keith said you never actually buy any properties you just pass on the leads. Another option to add to bird dogging houses, is bird dogging investors, I made about $20,000 last year bird dogging investors

I would suggest reading as much as you can in the forums here and maybe picking up a bird dogging course on ebay.

good luck

Thanks Keith and Eric. How did you learn the industry? Any course recommendations on bird dogging?


I just sent you a gift to your e-mail.

No charge!


I got your email and attachment. Thank you, this is a great start