a very nice 2 bedroom

for me and my wife to live in.

i know the rule is don’t buy 2 bedroom homes, but his sucker is absolutely done quality with a very good size yard.

plenty to add on.

my question is this, if we’re buying on the higher end for an 1100 sq ft house, low taxes, mint, DIAMOND condition, is it more advantageous to build up or out? i hear that adding floors up is better for tax purposes rather than building out.

this house is an L shape home, it’s the L that we would consider making a nice L7…or box it up, by moving up the front of the home.

please advise…i’ve been in over 30 homes in the past 3 months and have looked at over…about 150 homes in that time (online, classifieds, calling on them etc). this house is by far the nicest home we’ve been in. the yard is immaculate and a very good size with again, LOW taxes. school district is good.

asking: 324,900 - is flexible.

custom kitchen. mint new hardwoods throughout. andersons. brand new roof 50 yr warranty. 3000 in wash/dryer - brand new. also SONY 62 inch TV and all brand new lawn maintenance equipment, huge shed in back yard, totally fenced in yard - very private.

comps for 2 bedrooms that don’t even come close to quality of this home - range 260 sold to 309 asking and at 309, not even remotely in the same ball park in terms of lot size and ability to expand…

please respond…