A tenant offering me a 42" flat screen TV for $200

If you had a tenant who said he can get you a 42" flat screen TV (or several TVs for that matter) for $200, what would you do exactly?

I told him no / brushed him off. I don’t want it - as I imagine it’s stolen. Heck, it’s almost guaranteed to be stolen.

Its not like he offered to sell me crack or weed!!! I would be very pissed about that!!! But I still think this is a bad deal.

I can’t evict the guy for offering me a stolen television…which again is just a very good assumption, not a proven fact…

…note I wouldn’t want to as he ALWAYS pays his rent on time and treats me & the property extremely well. A matter of fact, I would say he keeps the rental property in immaculate condition (I check on it monthly). LOL!

What do you guys think about this?

I probably shouldn’t even worry about it.

I wish someone would offer me a 42" for 200.
Could be stolen. kinda hard to say if to buy it or not.
Whats the worst that could happen?

Well, if they steal for a part-time job or deal in stolen goods, that’s about as low on the totem pole as one can get above rape or murder in my opinion. I hate thieves. I think they are scum suckers, and all should be in jail.

Well, without asking him where he got the TV, you are just speculating that it was stolen, although it is a reasonable assumption, IMHO. He could have got it from a storage unit auction, he could have gotten it from an asset auction, a bankruptcy, etc.

I guess the only way to find out is to ask before buying it… But if you feel it was stolen and you receive stolen merchandise, you may open yourself up to legal trouble, and even if you were able to prove that you didn’t know, you don’t get to keep the TV, and then you are out your $200…

So, just ask him where he got them from if you really want it…

I’d buy it and risk loosing the $200 on the extremely slim chance that it is stolen AND that the police know that you have it.

Buying stolen merchandise is a crime but what judge is going to do anything to someone who had no idea it was stolen?

Can I get his phone number?

I would not buy it as it’s almost certainly stolen and I would not participate in receiving stolen property under any circumstances. Someone who accepts stolen property, knowing or suspecting that it’s stolen, is no better than the scumbag thief themselves (as MotivatedCEO already said).


Well said Mike and motivatedCEO… :beer

It is in the justification of relinquishing what we believe as people for personal gain that we slowly become and participate in that which we disdain…

If you have to ask a question like that then you probably already know the answer. :biggrin