A skyline almost like that of Manhattan

Blank out the nostalgia for the past, stay mentally tuned for the ultimate vertical explosion. With real estate getting pricier by the minute, vertical route has turned the one-way path to cost-effective usage of space. Building tall structures was not always that simple as it appears to a layman today.

Combating the downward pull of gravity, the original architects and builders of yore relied on bricks and mortar only to realise later that thickening the lower walls to build new upper floors was highly impractical. This technology could only lead to buildings not more than 10 storeys tall. The time was just ripe for the arrival of steel and iron.

Building multi-storeyed structures is one thing, and making each floor accessible another. This is where elevator technology comes in. Fire safety is another major concern of skyscrapers. A few years ago, concerns were raised over the fire-safety of the PUB, leading to correctional measures.


Is there a punchline coming…or just an up-sell?