A Second mortage

I have a house right next to mine that has gone into foreclosure.

When I read the forclosure information, it listed two mortage companies. (New York Trust and Residental Funding)

Could the second mortage company just be the origional company that sold the house to the second company once the property went into foreclosure?

Or could it be a second mortage on the property?

Also, how can I find out before I pursue?

:cool go to the court house and or the title company with the address and legal if you have it

If they are friends of yours, inform them that you are an investor and would like to help them out of their situation…

It would depend on the position First and Second. That which has first position gets to create all the Heartache we all feel in Life when it comes to the hour minute we can not pay our Bills. The Second usually has to take a negative and defer as a loss … as with the Sale or Foreclosure and stain to the holding company there are clearing of the encumbrancing someone wins someone has to lose…

Tell me why did the Buyer get steered into having to pay retail % that they had so close to their income ceiling.?

They NEW it was a gamble and not a warm and dry gambrel over their heads? … I personally do not want to take that chance so I would bring down the sound of CASH and Buy BONDS… now painfully is the right time to do it and buy heavily into them ,.,… so our Girls and Boys can come home to something other than lost jobs and the couch for the shows of 21 Century. THINK !

I am really having trouble understanding your posts…

I’m not entirely convinced it was English