A Republican in MA?

WOW! A republican took Teddy Kennedy’s old spot! Is this an omen of elections to come? I sure hope so-the American people sending out a message the Administration with their votes!

Hopefully this throws a monkey wrench in the whole health care bill debacle too!

I think it’s great really.The Democrats put all their chips on a totally liberal/proggressive agenda and the people hate it.Obama will be the end of their party if they don’t stand up for themselves.I think they are too arrogant to see the writting on the wall.It will be spelled out in detail for the slow learners in nov.

This president and his agenda are terrible and thank God people finally are seeing that.The sooner the democrats realize they are just sacrificial lambs for the socialist//communist to move forward and rebell against their own,the better off we’ll all be.

A great win for the United States of America.

Mitch McConnell’s thoughts:



Yes, it was clear repudiation of the Comrade Obama socialist agenda. However, I am 100% certain that this election hasn’t changed the Obama/Pelosi/Reed plan to socialize medicine and everything else in the USA. This isn’t just politics for this group, it’s a socialist coup from within. If anyone thinks that one election will change their plan, they’ve got a rude suprise in store.

We do have one short term hope, which is that a few of the socialists (dems) are pragmatic enough that they will trade their immediate socialist agenda for the chance to be re-elected in November. It all comes down to whether they’re more scared of the American people or Comrade Obama.

well put!

at least “We the people” have struck back at this beltway bureaucratic boondoggle.


There’s alot to glean from this race…

It looks like the Tea Partyers have more clout than the MSM wants to afford them… It’s irony that the Tea Partyers, in Massachusetts, made a visable difference… it was the shot heard round the political world a day before the one-year anniversary of the Obama inaugeration…

On Sunday, Obama on himself made the point that HE needed Massachussetts to come out for him and for his agenda, and the voters REJECTED him… So each time he has gone to a state to make that pitch, his policies have been repudiated…

The seat that Ted Kennedy held, whose lifelong goal was the culmination of what Obama wanted in healthcare, was lost to a Republican who made a rally-cry to kill the existing healthcare bill, overtaxation, overspending, and not giving terrorists citizen rights… this was after they brought in all the Dem star power for Coakley… Obama, Clinton, The Kennedy’s, Kerry, etc. and spent alot of money in a state where it shouldn’t have even been a contest…

First, it was Virginia, then New Jersey, and now Massachusetts… If they don’t get message NOW, maybe they will in November…

The people made it clear and voted for change on the change president… so that tells you the change Obama wants is NOT what the people want… he wanted to fundamentally transform America, and at every chance they are getting, the people are voting against it…

I think OBama could make history next week, if he steps out and says they over-reached, and really reach out for a bipartisan bill… Simple things…

  1. Open up ALL the markets to competition. Instead of adding one government option, add 1300+ options. Get the insurance companies competing against ONE ANOTHER, like they do with car insurances…

  2. End the anti-trust protection of the insurance companies.

  3. Portability

  4. Instead of forcing insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions, make it a condition for the government plans so it eventually leaks out to the market as a sweetener.

  5. Tort Reform

  6. Create consumer pools to get individuals group rates… this can be done for small business also…

  7. etc…

All the above costs the taxpayer ZERO dollars…

Get these passed and watch the tide turn back…

Where the Republicans could begin to show they understand the mood of the people, is to step forward and now PUSH these and other ideas and make it clear that they stand ready with their ideas…

Time will tell…


You guy’s ALL had this COUNTRY DEAD and BURIED…

What happened???

Could it be that the Greatest Country on the PLANET is STILL THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON THE PLANET…Because the SYSTEM WORKS!!!

Are we still on for the RIOTS??? The COPS ROBBING CITIZENS?? The GUN FIGHTS??? The FOOD SHORTAGES???

WOW…Maybe this country will do what it has ALWAYS DONE…

SURVIVE and PROSPER…Because that’s what it’s CITIZENS STRIVE for and WANT…(except Mike’s tenants who as we all know are worthless scum sucking losers that collect goverment hand outs and then hand their handouts to MIKE!!!)

My opinion: the Dems have a serious flaw in their understanding of the American voter. Your average American voter wants tons of lucious free goodies, paid for by someone else. But that same voter is NOT a socialist. Dems don’t understand the difference (admittedly, it’s a bit schitzophrenic)

The Republicans are having a really rough time because they don’t seem capable of helping the minorities understand how their policies can help them. It’s not a 15 word sound bite, and they can’t seem to get it across. They also routinely alienate huge chunks of voters who resent having fundamental Christianity forced upon them by law.

Tatertot- I think thats a BRILLIANT analysis of American voters, although a bit schizophrenic like you admit.

FD-that last post made me LAUGH! thanks, I needed that today…

I give a lot of credit to McConnell for pulling this off.

I mean….look at the guy…he’s about as unassuming a senior Senator as they get.

But when he lifted his eyebrows….what was it….a month or so ago?

And used that one word….


That struck a chord with the American people.

He went on to say, “Sooner or later the American people will speak”

A simply brilliant political maneuver…in my opinion.


I’m in Mass. Coakley completely underestimated the MA. voters. She figured she’d just be handed the spot because she’s from MA. and a DEM. There’s a reason why they call it TAXACHUSETTS! The REP.'s have done their share of tax raising also. People in this state are finally saying “ENOUGH IS EOUGH!”. Especially after they passed the madatory health care law a while back. It was supposed to bring down healthcare cost… Yeah that worked out well… :rolleyes


“It was supposed to bring down healthcare cost… Yeah that worked out well…”

And that was what they were modeling the Federal plan after… good thing they stood up…

I’m a conservative,I lean republican because they are a hell of alot closer to conservative than dems.My opinion is this election only proves the people are starving for a candidate they can relate to,that does’nt talk down to them.

Phlem had this right on Coakley and her entitlement attitude.Obama did’nt help,as usual, going and bashing "the regular"guy that drives a truck.I believe there are good democrats,they have just had their party hijacked by "progressives.Very,very arrogant ones at that.If they want to survive as a party they must listen to the voters instead of each other.Obama does’nt care one bit about how many democrats get sacrificed as long as his agenda is pushed through.

America realizes what’s going on and it’s not possible for the repubs to stop any of this,so the “blame” is all in the democrat party itself.And actually ready to make informed votes instead of voting for the lesser of two evils.

Movements like last night tell me that’s happening and I’m sooooooo glad!!This was a victory for people’s voice more than a repub victory and it’s great!


“This was a victory for people’s voice more than a repub victory and it’s great!”

Well said… we’ll see if THEY actually follow-through also… IMHO, they should hold a news conference THIS WEEK and tell the country what THEY ARE FOR regarding healthcare reform… The MSM has certainly not been covering what they want to do this past year… people don’t even know they have any plans… That could all change easily this week… but, it won’t happen because the State-of-the-union is next week…

This is the natural progression of a democracy. This just shows that people are not smart enough to vote for their own leadership. What happens is what we have that leaders start moving more and more towards their polar ends. The Republicans will not move on anything hoping things fail so they can pick up seats, while the Democrats are trying to run as fast as they can while thy have the majority. When you have two people in the same boat together one refusing to row and the other rowing as fast as he can, you end up tearing the thing apart.

The people want heath care reform, but the Republicans won’t get in there and give it a real effort to negotiate so that a proper bill can be reached so the Democrats passed this mess.

The people will vote more Republicans in until they see nothing is happening and then vote Democrats in until they realize something is going to happened keeping this in gridlock. There is nobody looking out for what is best for the USA, all we have is people trying to get elected in spite of what is best for the country.

I think we just need a king…What about this guy Obama he would make a great king.


I thought Obama already was King?!?!?! HAILLLL OBAMA!


I know you are smarter than that last post,the Obama king,part.I do hope you don’t really feel that way.

I assumed he was kidding Bama. Surely he is.

I think we just need a king…What about this guy Obama he would make a great king.

He’s not going to take a lesser job like King! Not when he is THE CHOSEN ONE!

Can Pelosi be our Queen?

Could you imagine how GREAT that would be?!?!?