A real new wannabe investor tottaly confussed!

I studied Carlton Sheets course 3 times… I pretty much memorized the techniques… Like I’ve read, in 1970 these probably worked wonderfully. I am having a hard time putting what I learned using his course to work in the real world. I am 19 years old, I go to school for entrepreneurial studies at JWU in Providence, RI. I need some guidance from real life real estate investors on where to turn for further information on pursuing this as a career/lifestyle. Is there a recommended course out there that is better suited for today’s market then Carleton Sheets? Where did you all start at the very beginning of your real estate investing life? I appreciate all who respond!!!


There is not 1 be all end all real estate course.

Different gurus specialize in different real estate venus. You can go review them at www.realestatecoursereviews.com for further research on each guru.

I honestly believe everyone starting out needs to start out doing the easiest deal possible:

drive around looking for vacant / ugly houses
track the owners down
negotiate deal
flip contract to another investor for a few thousand

Use those few thousands to buy some courses.

I said this before on an earlier post today. Learn as much as you can as inexpensively as you can. All the free articles on this site are loaded with info on the basics. Grasping the basics on all the different ways to buy and sell a property is key; lease optioning, subject to financing deals, assigning contracts, etc. As you learn more, you’ll discover which method your most interested in as well as which will work best in your market.

Chris, before spending any money you should narrow your focus and decide just what specific strategy/technique you want to learn to get started as an investor. You can’t be all things to all sellers right out of the box. You’ll end up more confused than ever and remain on the sidelines because of fear.
From personal experience, I’ll say that lease options and options are the beginners best friend. They are easy to understand and use, and safe as can be. Good luck.


The Carleton Sheets course is an excellent beginners course. Real estate investing does not change and all the techniques in the Carleton Sheets course are as relevant today as they have ever been. I started my real estate career about 3 1/2 years ago. A very successful real estate investor suggested that I start with the Carleton Sheets course, which is what I did. I spent an entire week studying the course, listening to the tapes, and watching the videos. Then, I almost immediately bought my first rental. Three and a half years later, I am running my rental property business full time.

What specifically are you confused about? What do you want to do? Flipping? Rehabbing? Rentals?

You’ve got a great resource on this website. If you’re confused, ask questions.

Good Luck,


Thanks to all who responded!
I will try to narrow my focus down and do much more research into each different strategy. I feel that will help clear up some confusion. I was looking much more at a general picture and didn’t no where to start. I seem to be more interested in flipping and rehabbing since I have always liked fixing up houses. Well, I have a lot more reading to do.
Thanks everyone!

Since you are in Providence you might be interested in the http://www.nereia.org/. The meetings are the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm in Chelmsford Mass. The speaker this month is John Hyre, attorney and cpa.
Also, http://www.nhreia.com/ is the NH rei club that meets the second Wednesday of the month in Manchester, NH. Last month they had Larry Goins on a Saturday seminar. You might want to check his site out and he also has taped segments on his site of people with programs.
This month there is no speaker, but more like a meet and greet with other investors.