A real deal on a fridge for a rental property

I figured I’d share some “good news” with you guys. I sure like this news anyway! I replaced a fridge at one of my rental properties and I got an amazing deal off Craigslist.

  • It looks and functions like new - no dents, scratches or anything
  • It is only 3 years old
  • It’s a Kenmore brand fridge
  • And I paid only ** $35 **

Cool, eh? =)

Great deal CEO :slight_smile:

I am looking for a Fridge myself, I will pay you $40 for it :slight_smile: If I remember right you where in the Dallas area as well?


That’s a good deal! I recently bought 6 apartment sized refrigerators for $45 each (including delivery). They came out of a government housing facility (who wasted our taxpayer money buying new fridges for their deadbeat tenants). I used one already and 5 are still in my storage room.