A quick question about Realtors???????

I’m trying to build a buyers list as per Chuck Smith’s course.So a ran an ad in a major news paper that read “wholesale properties seeking serious investor call xxx xxx xxx”.I have got 10 calls from this but five of them are from realtors who are looking for properties for other invertors. I’m not sure how to handle this or how i can include other investors agents on a wholesale deal.Some of them have suggested including their commision on my sales price to the investor? does anyone have a suggestion on what i should do about this? Any help is highly appreciated and thanks in advance?


If you get calls from agents, just tell them what you are wanting to sell the property for and that the price does NOT include a commission. In this case, the agent is acting as a buyer’s agent and the buyer would be responsible for paying the commission.

Usually, the agent will tack on their commission before telling the buyer the purchase price, so if you get a contract out of it, it may be higher than your asking price. Just make sure that you’re getting the right price at the end.


thats a good idea, but also if you have trouble with his course, then you can just call him. i have his course too.