A question about direct mail

what is the method of direct mail? I have a list of pre-foreclosures that i’ve gotten from Title companies and I want to know what the process is for sending the mail out. here is where i am stuk:

1.have property address
2.type up letter

do these companies that do direct mail, mass mail the letters or do you have to put together all the letters and send it to them then they send it?

What volume are you talking about?


I’m not sure what you mean. I know you can but direct mail lists that send out postcards or flyers but I mean letters that I have that I typed up. How do I get those to be sent with Direct Mail or am I missing something?

Depends on the volume (quantity). Low quantity means you are doing it yourself (merge via Word). HIgh quantity means you are sending files to a letter shop for merge, print, and mail.

What Paul means by “volume” is the number of mail pieces you intend to send out on a weekly/monthly/annual basis…

Low volume operations can be done from the comfort of home office with the aid of a computer, MS office and a printer—larger scale operations are something that you should consider outsourcing.

Although marketing is the most critical part of your business, paying the mortgage is dependent on “doing the deal” not “pursuing the deal”.


Scott Miller

Still it depends on the number you’re sending out.

  1. Depend on massive numbers and take the 2% standard response rate

  2. Use smaller numbers and do a better job: defined as having your kid hand address the postcard and envelope. The response rate is higher on hand written (the computer generated handwriting is not as effective as claimed) and also higher on stamped vs metered mail. Call all these people 72 hours after you mail it.

I know I’ll get flack saying “who has time” but you can easily bring your response rate to 10% with number 2. So do the math and figure what works best for you.

Just remember that many kinds of businesses are targeting pre-foreclosures…how is YOURS going to stand out in a mailbox full of bills