a novice bird dog..please help.

I have a good potential fixer upper house information to sell.
I don’t know where I can find interested investors.
Here I am not supposed to post this kind of information, right?
Any good place to get contacts?

By the way, I’ve been interested in real estate investing for a long time and studying many different books. Even got a sales persons’ license.
But never got a chance to act.
After reading many different books, I feel paralized…
Don’t know where to start…
Even feeling that maybe all those flipping and investing things that people are talking about here are for all experienced and well knowledged brokers or professionals, or else for beginners like me they’re just for selling books and seminars, as my friends always tell me…
Although I was thinking about buying one of the seminar CDs, I got afraid of just reading another book ending in more paralysis and deadend…

My actual plan was studying some skills and startng with flipping probably as a bird dog and then a dealer since I don’t now have much money to start with.
But it looks like that even to be a dealer I need to know how to handle all those contracts and closings, which require alot of actual knowledge in the field. Although I have a license, it doen’st help. and I dont’ feel that working as a bird dog would help either…

Is it goanna be another dreaming that will never come true in real life?
Am I too unrealistic in dreaming of being an investor?

Please advice if you started as a non experienced investor.

Thanks for your advice in advance.