a little beginner help

hello, i’m 19 years old, i’m a sophomore in college, and do not currently work at a steady job besides making money from here and there. there is a property in my area that is for sale for 43k and it is 3 rental units (9 bedrooms 3 baths) each are being currently rented at 400 a month i believe. I should be able to make atleast a 15% down payment, but i’m not really sure what to do or where to go or what to start doing. the house is also listed with this: Vacancy factor: MVACTY, i do not know what this means either.

i’m not even sure if this is in the correct forum, if not please direct me to a better area. thanks for any advice you may give me!

Look for a partner, with a little more credit or cash that is willing to help.
50% of something is better than 0%