A good handwriting font anyone?

With the risk of getting lectured about actually writing the letters or paying someone to do it, anyone found a good hand writing font that looked believable?

I know I can get my own hand writing done as a font, but I still want a 3rd party font to use.

Here are a couple that I found before:

  • “BethHand”
  • “BudHand”


I have those… I like Budhand for addresses, but neither looked good for letters. I will mess around the fonts I found.

Have you tried Script MT Bold? I’ve used it often for faxed documents without a hitch.

I have not tried it yet, I will give it a shot. thanks

Good question… I have not found a believable font either. What I have been doing is darkening the lines on a sheet of paper and putting a blank sheet of paper over it. I use the lined paper underneath as a guide and write my own letter in my own handwriting, put it in my copier and run off a couple hundred letters onto lined paper. Looks perfect. The hardest part is finding the right color/texture of a black pen to match up with the copies so I can fill in the address and name of the prospective seller. Any other ideas?

The problem with handwritten fonts is that all same letters have same shape, and they are perfectly aligned on each line. Now, solve that and you have a good solution. I think I have a good idea how to solve this issue, but I will need to spend some cash and time to test it.

Streamline, that option works great for letters, but when it comes to making personalized letter, you would need to still hand address each letter at least for the name and envelopes. That in itself is time consuming, not to mention you need the same person to do all that work or the font won’t match.

Here is what I have done. I had my font programed into the computer that I use with MS WORD. I also use my FONT for the greeting card service that I use.

It looks like my handwriting. Its so ugly.

vletter.com has nice fonts and looks like they change some of the letter fonts based on location in the word making it less obvious. I could be over thinking this since most prospects won’t even think it is hand written anyway.

Just curious, why do you want a standard handwriting font when, as you said, you can get one done for your own handwriting?

Getting one done with your own handwriting, as far as I know, takes out the “all the letters look the same” problem because you have multiple versions of each letter and the correct version is used based on the letters that come before and after (like where the letters connect).

At least, that’s what I think it does…maybe I’m mistaken. Perhaps it just rotates the variations. Either way, it looks a lot more believable.

Regardless, I’m thinking that the real beauty of the handwritten font is not in that people reading it will think it was handwritten (maybe not everyone does the “smudge test” like I do), but rather that a thin, see-through envelope will give the impression that a handwritten note is inside, thereby getting you an opened envelope, which in my mind is the hardest part.

I agree… for some reason I keep going back and thinking about the yellow letter concept, but I go back and remind myself that a good sales letter could out perform any other letter.

I will use the fonts to address the envelopes, but I still need to go back and write the sales letters.