A few questions for Texas wholesalers/investors

Howdy all,

I’m one of the many new investors and I just have a couple questions for wholesalers anywhere in the country and wholesalers/investors in Texas. :help

  1. Have any wholesalers ever had a problem with State Real Estate Boards (TREC in Texas) or been told you have to have a broker’s license to assign contracts or double close(wholesale)?

  2. Have any of you ever had a problem with title companies or lenders accepting assigned contracts?

  3. What is your opinion of the Texas RE market, now and in the near future?

If there are any investors in the DFW metroplex that have any additional REI information that they would be willing to share I would be thrilled.

Thank You! :beer

I am sure you can find people out their that will agree that back to back closings are tough, People in my market say that they cannot be done yet my clients and I do them all the time.

You really should not have trouble with needing to be licensed to assign contracts because you are not selling real estate, you are selling the right to take one of your contracts.

Thanks for the input ericmedem! I’m pretty confident I can find title companies that will do a double close once I attend my local REI club.

Where are you located and how is your wholesale market holding up?