A Few Pointers Needed Please?

How should I go about finding a private investor for offshore (Caribbean) deals?

The unique market in Barbados allows huge market gains by buying residential land in large acreage and subdividing and selling it off as small 5/6000 sq. ft. lots.
And because the demand is very high and supply low, buyers are prepared to buy even before any access roads or utilities are put in place, making it possible to sellout 50 to 100 lot developments in just a few weeks based on nothing more than a single classified ad in the local weekend paper.

All I need is to find one or two liquid or credit-ready investors who are willing to deal outside of the US to obtain a guaranteed 100% ROI. Many lucrative opportunities (available residential land with subdivision approval) await. Not being from the US, I don’t know the best way to go about finding such investors.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.


Hello! What city are the properties located in and how much are they?

My experience has shown that if the deal is good enough, the money will be available…however, the money coming from investors cash assets or credit is typically subject to his/her confidence in you and your relationship with them. Building relationships will help you find the funding for your deals, even outside the U.S.

You will not likely find money in this type of format…this forum…but begin to build relationships and include in ALL of your conversations throughout the day with those you come in contact with (keeping in mind what interest rate you want to pay them such as 12%)…ask, how much of your IRA is earning under 12%? When they say ALL of my IRA is earning under 12%, then you have an opening to present your funding requirements, terms, etc.

Someone will begin to say yes…ask and you will receive!

Hope this helps.