a few beginner wholesaling questions

hey all i was wondering…

  1. the folks who put up the “we buy houses” signs, are they normally the wholesalers, the cash buyers, both?

  2. i’ve seen one “we buy houses” sign in my area. is this a good thing or a bad thing? my guess is they aren’t allowed and if i put them up, someone will take them down? guess i have to find out the laws regulating the towns?

  3. does wholesaling only work best where the homes are ugly, cheap and run down?i live in a suburban area where you won’t find many of these homes, would i have to go to a neighboring city area? or is this my misconception?

please advise…thanks!

Usually they are wholesalers

Mostly illegal but you are almost never prosecuted unless they actually see you putting the sign down. They just take the sign.

It is not what they look like it is what the numbers say. If there is money there do the deal. There are plenty of good looking house that are in trouble. Remember that deals traditionally have come from the 3 Ds…Death, Disease, Divorce. None of these make the house rundown accept maybe disease

Bluemoon couldn’t have said it better. :beer

  1. Wholesalers and cash buyer put out signs…as well as lead generaters (people who get paid to give you leads).

  2. Deals can be made on pretty and Ugley houses - NO DOUBT!

  3. Every township has their own Sign laws and regs. I’ll tell you this about my town (San Antonio, Tx - popu;ation 1.7million); I’ve been doing this for over 15 yrs and have flipped well over 1,000 Houses in my career (I don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you, that I’ve been around the block a thousand times). I’ve been responsible for posting thousands upon thousands of signs over the years. I’ve been sited 1 time in fifteen years and it cost me $125. A spec on a nat’s tail…and simply the cost of doing business.

I can write 12 pages on how to use signs and avoid the sign police but here’s what I’ll tell you. Learn where and where NOT to put out bandit signs. Upscale neighborhoods are more likely to compain. Don’t post in the main intersections. 2 reasons: 1. people don’t have time to find a pen and write down the info. 2. the sign police are more likely to be traveling the main thorough fairs. Post inside neighborhoods, or at gas stations or at stores… where traffic is much lighter and people have time to take down your info…and your signs will stay up longer.

Last but not least,; Never argue with a resident if they call you directly and complain. Never try to deny or lie to the sign police. Simply explain, you’re just try to make an honest living and that you didn’t mean to cause any problems and that you’ll come remove the sign that they object to.

–Mitch Stephen–

wondering if u could give some more pointers