A.D. Kessler

Has anyone used any of A.D. Kessler’s mentor’s? I ordered some of his material, and have been contacted by e-mail by one of his assistants wanting me to contact them and qualify for a 12 month mentoring program. Says I will be assigned a personal mentor to help me build my real estate base and increase my profits from real estate. It doesn’t mention a price, but doesn’t say it is free either. Any feedback?

Several months ago I requested information as well, I spoke to someone as well but all he did was try to get me to join the program the money he was asking was out of the question, for that type of money I could just do my own research and give it a try on my own. just do it… as they say. good luck


??? Thanks for the reply. I guess I will check into it and see what they have to say. I was hoping that someone had tried it and had sucess with it. Oh well, we’ll see what they have to say. I have one property, but still don’t have a good grasp on locating good, below market properties. That is where I really need help. Still learning though. Not going to let that stop me. Thanks again.