A couple of questions on notice of default, lis pendens, and liens.

I am in Oakland California. I am totally new to this foreclosures stuff. I was at the county office today on Madison street in Oakland doing some research and getting my hands and feet wet.

I looked up a couple of “NOTCE of DEFAULT” and tried to understand some of the info for the first time. Yikes !!! I have the following questions after this trip.

  1. What are the difference among: Notice of Default, lis pendens, Notice of Sales, Trustee sales ? And what are the advantages/disavdantages as an investor for each of the state/notice?

  2. Checking liens with the county office, is that enough? If any lien has not released, should I be concerned ?

  3. Lots of the Notice of Default, do not list the property address. It only listed the land/lot number. How should one go mapping/finding out the property address from the land/lot number?

I am very green on this. I need details on what and how to do it at this stage. Any help is greatly appreciated. -thanks !!!