a couple of land questions

Hi there. There are super forums. Thought I would ask some questions since I am learning about raw land now. I am going to start super small.

My goal is to buy land that might appeal to those seeking to build a 2nd home or retire and then sell that land with soft terms, so basically creating paper.

  1. Is there a book or books or course I can get that explicitly shows me how to do the paper work, terms, etc?

  2. My idea was to buy say a piece of land and divide it up. For example, buy a 1/2 acre parcel, divide it into two .25 parcels and sell them. Good idea?

  3. My cash flow is semi-limited. If I find a parcel for $20,000, but only have say $7k on hand, can I get financed with avg credit and without using any other RE as asset?

  4. Just looking for any links to anything of interest to aid me in seeking, researching, or learning about land.


most land loan programs are limited to 60-65% of the quick sale value… you should be ok with 7k for a 20k property. sorry i dont know of any land acquisition and investment books or learning resources, but will keep you in mind if I come across any. Best of Luck

The best book that I am reading right now is INVESTING IN LAND - How to Build Wealth Buying, Selling, Subdividing, Rezoning, and Develloping Land by Robert J. Abalos.


Yea, it was an ok read. I should update that I no longer have these questions and am doing fine with my land.

That author will try to get you to buy another book of his, the land cash cow book for $130ish. :smiley: